Frenemy With The School Bad Blind Boy... [ Completed and undergoing major reconstruction]

Frenemy With The School Bad Blind Boy... [ Completed and undergoing major reconstruction]

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Thats for me to know and for you to find out :P By bright_gal Completed

Alyssa Stratson is an outcast with plain looks and a disability-- she's deaf. With only one true friend and a nerdy persona, she has all but given up on finding love.

Josh Allen is what you would call a "bad boy." Getting detention and playing hookie are what he's best at, but when an unforeseeable accident, leaves him without sight, he is more determined than ever to keep his reputation.

They say opposites attract, but Alyssa's and Josh's disabilities leave them barely able to open up their hearts with one another.

What would happen when this nerdy deaf girl meets the kick ass blind boy ?

Will they be able to overcome their differences, or let that be the barrier between them?

{I will try to improve this novel's summary later, when I get a better one. Please let me know if its better than the earlier one or not. Thanks, Enjoy reading! }

GaveUpOnAUsername GaveUpOnAUsername Feb 26, 2016
She needs to tutor me
                               I just took a math quiz with 10 questions. I got a 0%. Not a 20% or 50% but a straight up 0%. Yup I kinda smart in math.
etcpotato etcpotato May 15, 2016
How is this physically possible though..... It would only work out if one of them weren't disabled or if both of them where deaf (sign language to communicate).........
HeroOfKittens HeroOfKittens Aug 12, 2016
I had a deaf client once.  But she had both hearing aids and knew sign language.  I enjoyed the silence but I'd make sure she could read my lips to see if she needed anything since we served water and/or coffee while her color processed.
tee_tee_jay tee_tee_jay Nov 14, 2016
Ohk.... I'm a ftr.... I'm really wondering how their relationship gonna work.... I'm so anxious... 😭😁
DestineeDaniels DestineeDaniels Jan 31, 2016
The first thing that came to my head before even starting to read this was that he could be her ears and she could be his eyes....Omg the feels
Sarcasticbitch1 Sarcasticbitch1 Sep 30, 2016
Hold up, Newton didn't discover apples he just had an apple fall on his head and was like BAM gravity. Something like that... Right?