The last Uchiha Female (Love story)

The last Uchiha Female (Love story)

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Alrighty my second story so please be kind =] constructive criticism welcome! .. Not sure exactly who she is going to end up with but we shall see... I DON'T own any of the characters except my own Mikio Uchiha!! <3

Mikio's P.O.V (Same age as Sasuke when Itachi slaughtered the clan)

After being sent off to a private ninja school in Sunagakure I was finally able to return home. My parents, being typical Uchihas, had wanted me to begin classes early so that I would ease through Konoha ninja school top of my class and be a top kunoichi. At times I hated being so far away from them but I knew that once I was old enough I would be able to protect them from anyone or anything. I quickly packed my bags and thanked my homestay family. I was escorted home by Sunagakure ninja considering I was only 8yrs old. I stopped at the large green gates to Konoha to sign in. "I'm afraid the hokage wishes to see her first" I looked at the guard questioningly before being led to hokage tower. All I wante...

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ilovesasukeXD ilovesasukeXD Sep 29, 2017
Jesus Christ you do not know how to tell a child that her family is dead...
bandicoots bandicoots Dec 06, 2015
Hi =] this was my second attempt at a story ever but a tonne of ppl have asked for a sequel.. so there may be one coming after I finish up with my current project (cursed - love story) hope that helps x
Smokejustfollowsash Smokejustfollowsash Dec 04, 2015
Um i was wondering is this like a first book in a series or just the second story you are writing? i'm just asking.
HollyDemers HollyDemers Jul 16, 2014
I love how you can actually write but please when writing a story, don't use abbreviations
bandicoots bandicoots May 20, 2013
@Ucalieli haha thank you ! your my first comment I didnt think anyone was even reading =P
VickyBeast VickyBeast May 19, 2013
@bandicoots your welcome, Love your story by the way. even though I used to think the uchiha's dying was sad, when sasuke turned evil I don't really feel anything for them now. :( don't know why