Kagehina! You're Mine! [HOLD]

Kagehina! You're Mine! [HOLD]

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bts_where_u_@_doe By WhenURapMonAF Updated Sep 18, 2016

Kageyama is a blunt and hard person to get to know. Except when it comes down to one person, he doesn't even know why he has these weird feelings about this person...all he can ask is why? Until one day he'll be saying, You're Mine!

-Okay guys I'm sorry, I'm terrible at these things! I do have my own character in this story, and for sure this is a very sad story. If you don't like boy x boy please show yourself to the back button. I'll try my best to update as much as possible.

So, Please Enjoy!

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- - Jun 27
Nyehehehehe I bet the mom will take pictures of all the KageHina moments
seluphile seluphile Nov 25
hUNTY IM ABOUT TO TRACK YOU DOWN *gets plane ticket to go to miyagi*
- - Jun 27
I'm not sure you WANT to know.... *coughs* bakayama *coughs*
lol hinata was like emo mode and became happy all of a sudden
amymercado1 amymercado1 Jul 02
Ok but like where was the mom in all this? You can't tell me she didn't hear all the yelling cause I'm pretty sure the freakin neighbors heard that shiz
What do you mean just a single kiss from a girl that you aren’t dating? Is that normal? I’ve never dated anyone but I’m pretty sure you don’t kiss other people