I Love You Mr. McCarthy

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Purple By ThePurple15 Updated 3 years ago
Violet was perfect. she had the perfect family, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect best friend, and the perfect spot on the cheer leading team. then her mom leaves and her perfect life goes up in smokes.
    Two years later, not only has her style changed, but so has her life. the only thing keeping her from ending it is her best friend Haley.
    Then she meets Elliott and it is love at first sight...too bad its her new art teacher.
Sorry it took me so long to get to this :) It went a little fast paced for my taste but I absolutely love student-teacher relationships so reading on.
Im not really into student-teacher relationship, but I think I can deal with this.
Ahaha! A teacherxstudent, now these kind of stories used to creep me out! XD For some reason, yours doesn't...and I like your pacing. Definitely going to continue reading. Adding to le reading list and voting becoz ur awesome...XD
(-After I read-) I'm deffo reading more of this. Elliot and Violet are so cute :)
                                     #voted :D
(-Before I read-) I've never read a Teacher/Student Romance before so you'll be the first! Here goes :D
It is so intersting and intruiging! I love it! I Will definetly have to read more lately for you see I am in quite a hurry today. My apologies. 
                                    Also I am so very sorry for getting to your story so late.