jungkook scenarios

jungkook scenarios

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- ̗̀ sour ̖́- By sourjeon Updated Mar 28, 2017

for all those who love jungkook as much as I do [which is a lot!!!] 

I've decided to start writing scenarios because I don't ever finish writing fanfictions/books I start :')

requests are open!!


cover picture credits to: cookie bakery (fansite)

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hobikook_loves hobikook_loves May 19, 2017
Ommo, ommo, Do Bong Soon had entered the scenessss~ Lol K-Drama fan hereee... Anyways, looking forward at the part 2~
jinxinglynx jinxinglynx Apr 01, 2017
I dunno why but the girl reminds me so much of Taiga Aisaka xF
btsJKstan btsJKstan Dec 29, 2017
He looks so cute........... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa(internal fangirl of a JK stan awake now)
rzlblushes rzlblushes Jul 15, 2017
im nice but if you annoy me i will punch you so hard you'll go into the dark pits of my hell
IsabellaFernandaQ IsabellaFernandaQ Nov 26, 2017
Well my friend and I already want to go just by putting a feet on the school 😹😹😹
nicoleissad nicoleissad Sep 02, 2017
Jk I actually can punch bc my brother used to beat on me(((: