Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

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Cleo By KanUNot Updated Oct 24, 2016

"Why me?" I said just loud enough for him to hear me. 

Julian turned around and was next to me in a heartbeat making me gasp. He slowly lifted my chin so he could see my face clearly. His face was still shrouded in darkness. All that was visible to me was his light eyes, blue almost gray, causing shivers to course down my spine as they stared at me intensely, "Because princess, whether you get it or not, I can't and won't let you leave." He lets go leaving me to shiver at the sudden cold. He doesn't turn his back until he mutters his last words. 

"Not if I have something to do about it."

When Aspen's father doesn't return his debt to an investor he has to give up the one thing that meant the world to him. 


Scared of a man she has never seen before she doesn't know the daunting role or the effect she has on him. Three words that could change the fate of a man or is he a beast? 

Three simple words...

I love you.
I hope y'all enjoy!
The AMAZING cover is done by @Pennywithaney
Read on readers, read on
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lollipop123e lollipop123e Aug 30, 2016
I liked it, it was very to-the-point, and it's pleasing to not have to read chapters and chapters of before the action. I think I'm gonna love this book.