No Match for a Millionaire (Noble Matchmaking Series #1)

No Match for a Millionaire (Noble Matchmaking Series #1)

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Even though Riley Brennan is new to Noble Matchmaking, she's determined to find a match for the agency's most important -- and difficult -- client, Trevor McKnight, no matter how drawn to him she is. But when Riley finds herself accidentally on a date with the sexy millionaire, she must keep her wits about her or risk losing the only job she's ever loved. Will Riley be able to match this millionaire?

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Praise for "Make Me a Match (Noble Matchmaking Series #1)", a featured Wattpad romance:

 - "Love this!! It's fun, reads well and I like the characters." @JenniferAnnLewis

 - "This is a really interesting and addictive book. I'm loving it." @TresseFruit

 - "Wow! This is an excellently written story! Loved it from start to finish." @thelphred

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mandiiiiiiiii9 mandiiiiiiiii9 Jun 28, 2017
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IP2005 IP2005 Apr 20, 2017
Do you live in Houston I do *smiles sheepishly* or do you just like Houston's teams
XxreaderxX55 XxreaderxX55 Apr 25, 2017
Lol I watch the real housewives every Sunday. They're incredibly stupid but incredibly hilarious
QueenGoldenMaknae7 QueenGoldenMaknae7 Jul 14, 2017
Green_Apples_3218 Green_Apples_3218 Apr 19, 2017
Probabaly making it up so that he had an exvuse to see her again
QueenGoldenMaknae7 QueenGoldenMaknae7 Jul 14, 2017
I love the first paragraph but im not a fan of 3rd person but ill still give the book a try滕