My Little Joker (The Joker, Suicide Squad Fanfic) (COMPLETE)

My Little Joker (The Joker, Suicide Squad Fanfic) (COMPLETE)

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I'm Jacob fu**ing Kenya By Jacob_Kenya14 Completed

By: Jacob Kenya


"I don't care how you look or who you are. I will forever love my Little Joker."

 Jamaica, a fox Hybrid that has lived through many horrid things. She is sweet and innocent, yet deadly and dirty. Her life is completely normal, normal as it gets for all Hybrids, until she meets The Joker.

The Joker, a deadly man with no worries and creative insanity. He is dirty and deadly, and has a peculiar interest in dry humor. He is merely the town's most deadliest villian, but all that soon changes when he meets Jamaica Summers.

Here, these two characters from different world's find each other and unite in the most common, yet unique, form of

Rated Mature~ 15 and Up

Thank you and Enjoy!
~Jacob Kenya

chandra3256 chandra3256 Jun 01
hi jacob !!!! i just home from camp and i've been waiting for the update and i was wondering when will you update? i can't wait to read this awesome story tho!!!
Hello @chandra3256, I will update soon. I wanted to update yesterday, but I have been grounded. Bummer, I know. I'm going to try to update today or tomorrow. Thank you!
FemmePony FemmePony Aug 14
Twilight isn't literature they express their love through a series of stairs and stalking that is beyond creepy