He Bites -Septiplier-

He Bites -Septiplier-

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Nerf History By Lynn_Shawe Completed

Jack was a regular college student who was devoted to his studies, meaning he didn't waste his time on petty little relationships, or at those dumb college parries that always get disband about half an hour in. He'd rather sit at home and read a book or something on the lines if he finished his homework.

However, Jack's world goes into a whirl when he goes to get groceries at the wrong time. With a dangerous, mysterious yet attractive stranger always following him and keeping an eye on him just how was his life supposed to stay the same?

Collaboration with my dear older sister 

k1237x k1237x Oct 16, 2016
I hate it when they do this to the comments even though it's. Not offensive at ALL!!
Icreate_MONSTERS Icreate_MONSTERS Dec 16, 2016
I always say I won't tell a single soul because me and my besties don't have souls......
elovelyanm elovelyanm Nov 28, 2016
Oh dear
                              He's thanking chemistry
                              The world is going to end--- I know it
skittlezfire skittlezfire Dec 30, 2016
Oh you know just another Tuesday with a vampire trying to kill me. No biggie.
CakeCleaner CakeCleaner Sep 12, 2016
                              You almost got suffocated by a vampire and all you can think is:
                              I need to clean my room
k1237x k1237x Oct 16, 2016
This is random but if you spell a cuss word wrong or don't spell it out completely will it still be marked offensive?