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He is a special kid

He is a special kid

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Gh0stwr1t3r By Gh0stwr1t3r Completed

Percy jackson is just 9 years old when his mother is killed in a plane crash. Alone and scared, Percy has no place to go, until his mother's best friend's fiance, Tony stark, decides to adopt him. Because pepper Pots was heartbroken when she found out that her best friend was killed and her son is all alone. Tony decides to take the kid in, thinking it would be easy.But its easier  said than done. percy is quite a handful and it isnt long before the Avengers find out about him. then al of a sudden, when he turns twelve, Poseidon sends Grover to get percy and make him go to camp. However, percy doesnt want to leave Tony and pepper. When he turns nineteen, he finds out that a new evil is rising and the gods need his help.

After that it's just a series of bad events and he ends up leaving. When he returns, wil he be the same? Or did the old Percy Jackson die when he left?

That nothing when you have walked in on your parents doing IT.
Your first thought is that? Mine would be 'LETS EAT EVERYTHING IN THE FRIDGE AND DESTROY THE HOUSE' But that's just me
Newa_Chan Newa_Chan 6 days ago
I got used to it by the time I was 4 or 6, I just liked to pretend, also my parents don't like me seeing them kiss, it's ususally; “Cover your eyes sweetie!”
I all ready like this story even tho i have only read five sentences
Zeus why did you kill sally? This is your fault because if had not kept it in your pants we would not have problems with your sons so long ago. Then we would not have this happen.
I'm rereading this book for like the 50th time and I'm grinning evilly waiting for 'it' to happen