So Much More To You » L.S

So Much More To You » L.S

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"There is so much more to you than your scary facade and body full of tattoos, Harry, and I'm going find out every single thing, every last bit of you."

[or an AU where Harry is a scary punk and Louis is trying to pull of his play in a talent show and wants a tenth participant and no one seems better than the punk Harry Styles.]

[Punk!Harry ]

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Pleeease only fight Harry will get into is with a Seaworld employee 😂
"And then there's me" I hated that interview. It brought me to tears.
Y'all are saying you like George but if ya saw someone like that in person you'd most likely be grossed out
Wat is the cartoon name?? I feel like I know it, like I've seen it before, but I'm not able to remember it! It's so frustrating 😡
I read mucus running down George's nose as he snorted virginiously
StylinsonButterfly StylinsonButterfly Nov 30, 2016
Our school but one one with only five cast members and five crew members