The Loner & Her

The Loner & Her

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"H-Hi," Gia stutters. Her eyes are locked in a heated stare with his bright and beautiful blue ones. She's never seen eyes so blue before. 

He doesn't smile, or show any acknowledgment to her presence.  He turns to walk passed her but she gets a sudden burst of courage and speaks a little bit louder.

"Uh-why are you here?" She asks softly, gesturing to their current setting. 

A hospital waiting room. 


Seventeen-year-old, Giuliana Fitzpatrick, is forced to move from New York City to a small town named Oakwood, bringing her secrets along with her. 

When she meets a loner, who's just as mysterious as she is, she can't help but want to get to know him better. Will the two very different people make it as friends? 

Or will her past disrupt her any chance of happiness for the future? 

Cover By: Raeken

PsychoticMess PsychoticMess Oct 02, 2016
Your story is basically my life, exept i'm not in the same class as him
xTumblrfairyx xTumblrfairyx Apr 01, 2016
I understand. It gets boring and irritating seeing the same kinds of stories everywhere
tanitweety tanitweety Sep 06, 2016
didnt she say her grandparents are rich? Then why did the people at her old school bully her coz of her social background? O.O
The_Icecream_Dol The_Icecream_Dol Apr 25, 2016
urgh why is it always the same plot about a girl that lots of guys adore? What about girls going through depression or loner ones? Those type of girls exsist too you know
Contemplating-Humans Contemplating-Humans Sep 25, 2016
Really liked this first chapter, because you can see their great mother and daughter love here, and I never got that as a child because I was an orphan and was in and out of foster homes. Great start.
emithem emithem Nov 10, 2016
I've been looking for a story like this for ages. I love when the boy is mysterious and hurt. I love when it's sentimental and innocent. I also wrote stories like this. 
                              Your writing is very smooth and pretty, I love it so far !