Diary of a Mindless GUY

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olivia. By livmelanin Completed
[one of my first stories. beware.]
    Cameron is in love with a popular boy-band, Mindless Behavior. It's all normal, right? The only thing that makes Cameron different that he's a guy,  unlike Mindless Behavior's usual fans. When Cameron exposes his secret, everyone labels him as 'gay' or 'girly'; But that doesn't stop Cameron from fan-girling over the boys. When rumors become too much, will Cameron continue to have the same love for Mindless Behavior or give up on them?
I'm luving this book already and so what he should be proud to be who he is
HAAAAAA HA HA HAAAA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!!! Nice plot, I love it.
O___O a guy liking MB......*bursts out laughing* HAAAA HA HA I GOTTA READ THIS!!
AHH I See Your Brain Came Up With Another Amazing Story I Swear You never Disappoint (:
This is amazing ! I can't wait until I read more ! Keep up the good work !
one word..........W.O.W...........im already in love with this story and chapter one isnt even up yet