Asesino  → The Scorch Trials [1]

Asesino → The Scorch Trials [1]

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The Scorch Trials.

burn the surface of (something) with flame or heat.

❝You really think I'm a weapon of destruction?❞

It had been thirteen years since the sun flares and the flare took its turn to destroy the Earth. Gwendolyn Woods was an incredibly lucky survivor, living through the torturous heat and defeating the disease that drove people over the brink of insanity. She was left one task: find her real brother she had been separated from at birth.
It had been four years ever since Gwendolyn met her two best friends Jorge and Brenda. Four years of killing, training, hiding and chaining her friends up whenever they caught the flare. Gwendolyn had been lucky enough to escape WICKED, finding out about their plans for her to go into the Maze. And, during those four years, she had been hiding away from the organization who tortured many lives.
Life practically couldn't get any better, considering what they had was the best anybody could wish for in the condition the Earth was currently in. Gwendolyn thought her life couldn't get any better. That was, until, a rather familiar group of teenagers arrive in the midst of the night during a lightening storm, wanting nothing more but the directions towards the Right Arm.
Gwendolyn willingly went along with them, becoming the killer she really is inside and showing her real monster side to the real world. She went along with them not knowing her real brother was right by her side the entire time. 
Will Gwendolyn find her real brother? More importantly, will she manage to hide away from WICKED on her trek?

Book One.

cover made by: @wheeIer

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