Safe in Your Arms (Connor Franta fanfic) ☁ *CANCELLED*

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Kat the Cat By NinjaRainbowUnicorn Completed
19 year old Kortnee lives with her Grandparents after her parents were killed when she was young. But her grandfather is quite abusive. So she has taken to a new side of life; Social Networks. She is Youtube famous and attending her fifth consecutive VidCon. But even though that might sound exciting to you, it's dull, mundane, and torturous for Kortnee. She is convinced that this year will be no different. Then things happen. Her world is spun around and all she wants is a fresh start. And it starts with getting away. She decides, screw Miami! She wants chnage and change she will get!It all starts at one special place; VidCon.
I live how the first words of the book are " my butt vibrated "
Maybe I should call the cops in my phone because it keeps slapping my face.
I can honestly see her being with dan Howell (danisnotonfire)
That is one of my favorite songs! She has a good taste in music