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Facts About Harry Potter that People Keep on getting Wrong

Facts About Harry Potter that People Keep on getting Wrong

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Harsha By TheNextMarauder Completed

This book is just a book of incorrect Harry Potter Facts being corrected by me if you don't like it don't read it

RoryGeneSasing RoryGeneSasing Sep 27, 2016
And that my friends is proof that Hufflepuffs aren't the cowardly ones. (I'm a Ravenpuff)
BlissLeTrash BlissLeTrash Jul 26, 2016
Or when people don't realize that her father was a muggleborn and not a muggle.
PuffPride3374 PuffPride3374 Sep 04, 2016
At first I was really upset that I was placed in Hufflepuff but then I remembered that Tonks and Cedric (Now a glittering fairy princess.The traitor) were in Hufflepuff🤓
StarOfLightning StarOfLightning Oct 15, 2016
Also, Teddy Lupin is also in Hufflepuff! He's not Gryffindor or Ravenclaw or Slytherin, he is in Hufflepuff.
On page 70 of The Deathly Hallows Ted Tonks says to Harry:
                              "I've fixed you ribs,your tooth, and your arm"
                              How did a Muggle regrow Harry's tooth?
                              Because he was a wizard with Muggle parents
Horcrux7Demigods Horcrux7Demigods Jul 15, 2016
Tonks is a badger. Imagine her turning into a badger during Hufflepuff Quidditch matches and attacking people who are mean to Hufflepuffs.