Zodiac Love

Zodiac Love

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Lucy Cabral By LucyCabral0 Updated Oct 25, 2017

Hi my name is Lucy and I really love the zodiac signs especially ♓ Pisces and Scorpio I don't know I just think there so cute especially when there together lol. Anyway this story is gonna be about the zodiacs signs in highschool.The main characters are Pisces and Scorpio. They're are going to be ships/relationships (comment who you want to be together) , scenarios and one shots if you'd like me to write a story about them I'll try my best! I will try my best to update please review, comment , vote.

♈ Aries- Male 

♉ Taurus- Female

♊ Gemini-  Female  

♋ Cancer- Male

♌ Leo- Male

♍Virgo- Female

♎Libra- Female

♏Scorpio- Male 

♐ Sagittarius- Male

♑ Capricorn- Male

♒ Aquarius- Female

♓ Pisces- Female 

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OurSunsetScene OurSunsetScene Aug 13, 2016
Yay. Finally a Taurus that's female. Btw, female taurus here.
robbiewillixms robbiewillixms Sep 01, 2016
I used to look like this exactly, now my hair's more like Aries'
Shining_mercury Shining_mercury Jan 09, 2016
I'm a girl Taurus.I have been doing research and Virgo,capricorn and leo are buffs. Aries is also a perfect mate for taurus