Extraordinary (Ereri/Riren) (boyxboy)

Extraordinary (Ereri/Riren) (boyxboy)

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neenuh By yourheichou Updated Apr 17, 2019

Eren Jaeger was quiet, unnoticeable, and simple. Boring brown hair, plain teal eyes, and an ordinary smile. He was the type of boy that you would pass on the street and never think twice of, at least that was what he seemed to think.

His life was nothing special. Before junior year, he made a wish. He wanted his life to mean something that year, for something spectacular to happen, for him to have a taste of being anything other than normal. 

Something even better happened. Eren fell in love with someone unexpected. 

He didn't regret making that wish. Even if it ruined him in the end. 

Published: December 7th
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-Featuring punk!Levi-