My Stepdad (Luke Hemmings fanfic)

My Stepdad (Luke Hemmings fanfic)

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Amanda By xoxodreambigxoxo Updated Jan 01, 2017

So lots of people say the love of your life  is hard to find

my story isn't quite like that... In fact the love of my life came right to my doorstep

and got down on one knee

held a ring

And proposed to my mother

(Cover made by @secretbatman29)

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Irwinning_5SOS Irwinning_5SOS Aug 29, 2016
Why is this book reminding me of the song Stacey's mum 😂😂😂😂😂
drxzzy5sos drxzzy5sos Sep 18, 2016
It's a broken home (sorry, but honestly, I'm also 12 and my dads balling with liver and kidney failure )
LukeIsMy5sosPenguin LukeIsMy5sosPenguin Feb 16, 2017
Umm do u have a therapist cause I don't think wanting to kill ur mom is normal
niall_is_love_ niall_is_love_ Jan 02, 2017
This is making me cry my boyfriend had testicular cancer and died on Christmas eve
ocean2004 ocean2004 Sep 27, 2016
I thought it said your name was amnesia and I had to take a double take. I was just like "wait.... What"
My_Jakede_Statefarm My_Jakede_Statefarm Sep 09, 2016
9.... I lost my dad I'm crying while trying to read this and do math homework