Beneath the Broken

Beneath the Broken

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Valerie Lakehart By shades_of_love12 Completed

After seven years of being a Navy SEAL, Jace Carter finally returned home to New York City. Still young and in need of something to do, he's offered a job at a paramilitary contracting company by one of his former teammates, Alex Mitchell. His first mission: protect a traumatized girl who had been kidnapped eight years ago...who also happens to be Mitchell's sister.

Skyla Mitchell was captured and gang raped when she was only fourteen. Permanently scarred, her brothers - in an attempt to keep her anxiety levels stable - refuse to tell her that the gang leader has escaped from prison...and might be headed her way.

Jace is sent undercover to keep her safe, but when you're protecting a girl as beautiful as Skyla, that's easier said than done. Before long, a no-commitment kind of guy is rapidly falling in love with her. But being the victim of multiple assaults causes a lack of trust, and Skyla knows she can't let Jace get close to her - yet her feelings towards him say otherwise.

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