I Need to Tell You Something...

I Need to Tell You Something...

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Peggy - The DWIQ By DisneyWorldInfoQueen Completed

A Bucky Barnes x Reader Story

*Winner of a 2016 Superhero Fanfiction Award*

Cover made by @SassyBatz 

Your husband is James Buchanan Barnes, the most dashing man in Brooklyn. You don't know how you were lucky enough to end up with him, but you did, and he loves you. It is the 1940's, and you have some very important news for your husband (and he has something very important to tell you.)

Book 1 of the ''I Need to Talk to You...'' Series
@LionessSister 's Thoughts on the story:
''I need to tell you something...''This book is a excellent Bucky X reader fanfiction, with a fast-paced plot with a quantity of quality heartwarming and angsty moments. I'm looking forwards to the next part of the story!
@AThousandWishes1000 's Thoughts on the Story:

''If you're looking for an amazing Bucky X reader story, look no further! This book has you hooked from the beginning with a great plot line and good grammar/vocab (cause we all know, we hate those that don't). So definitely stop, read, and vote!''
@LokiLaufeyson14 's Thoughts on the Story:

''Now, I know we all love Bucky Barnes. And sometimes it's hard to find a good plot, that's fast paced and interesting. Good grammar and emotion are sometimes hard to find as well. ''I Need to Tell You Something'' fills all of the requirements listed above! It's one of the best books I have ever read.  @DisneyWorldInfoQueen knows how to write AMAZING Fanfictions.  I would definitely, without a doubt, recommend it to you.''

@wintercapsicle 's Thoughts on the Story:

''First of all, this was the best novel that I ever read in my entire life. While I am reading every part of this novel, it's like I'm really IN the story, like I am portraying the role of 'whatever's name it is' on the novel and I'm really imagining it the scenarios, storyline, everything that my mind would see and try to imagine everything that I can read.''

I do not own the rights for Bucky Barnes or Captain America.

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Is your name actually Peggy?
                              That's so cool. Like, no joke, that's awesome.
Yasraina Yasraina Nov 13, 2017
I hope you will be able to write again a new story liked that trilogy a lot!!!!
IrisRoxx IrisRoxx Nov 11, 2017
on this first chapter she's like, 'should i write part two?'
                              then she ended writing a trilogy....
                              that escalated quickly.
iGirl7Plus iGirl7Plus May 30, 2017
Re-reading bc it's so great 😍 Aaand I forgot to vote the first time I read it (sorry 😣)
Reader3170 Reader3170 Mar 16, 2017
A baby is a human being, therefore the it should've changed to her😊
ThatMarvelLoser ThatMarvelLoser Apr 04, 2017
Gets into baby mama mode 
                              Me: drop it down drop it down down low