Sperm Donor (August Alsina) [Watty's 2016]

Sperm Donor (August Alsina) [Watty's 2016]

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"Losing your virginity hurts like a bitch!"

"Nigga broke down my walls..."

"I lost feeling in my legs!"

"I. Could. Not. Walk. The. Next. DAY!"

that is all Londyn Melrose heard from anyone that brought up the subject of sex. 

From there she's actually became afraid of the process which lead any man that came into her life willingly, away cause she wasn't willing to please.

After all the heartache she decided to head to a sperm bank.


August Alsina. Right hand man to the most feared drug dealer.

When shit complicates with money, he drives to the nearest sperm bank for quick cash.


As you can see this isn't the normal August got a girl pregnant and then left because he had a record deal story I'm just different so except my flaws.

 I know that my profile might not look like it's a good story but I think it is hope you like it, read on.

This is the original book, no copying or stealing, plagiarism can be punishable by law, remember honey!

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Qveenaj Qveenaj Dec 19, 2017
Good a bunch of girls out here need to be afraid of it cuz they act like its Mcdonald's and they lovin it
mmmiiiaaa3 mmmiiiaaa3 a day ago
right i’m from new orleans and when i’m out of town that’s all them bïtches say like you blowin me
You talking about the weed being almost gone ...so you ain’t gone worry about the food?
kwhiteeeeeee kwhiteeeeeee a day ago
she only 5 seconds pregnant and her stomach already getting hard ?
nyjaluv09 nyjaluv09 Dec 14, 2017
In order for her to be inseminated the doctor had to go up her whoo-haa. She don’t have no damn hymen anymore. While she is still a virgin due to no sexual contact, so it would be perfectly okay for her to not have sex before the baby comes.