Same Old Love: Hetalia Frus Fanfic

Same Old Love: Hetalia Frus Fanfic

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Emiko♡Sama By Emiko_Chanxoxox Updated Oct 13


After Alfred lost his long time crush to his best friend, he grows tired of this same cycled love he's experienced since he was younger. Fed up he disregards it and sees anyone as something physical, rather then emotional. That is.....until Francis waltzes into his life.

( This is a France x US story'on, there needs to be more.)

FrUs, the minor pairing that I ship the most☺☺☺☺Wait.. Would Francis be the Uke or the Seme
Grimmire Grimmire Oct 14
Sometimes I like to imagine Alfred and Arthur duetting to 'Cry Me a River'
Ya know Alfred, something that makes me feel better is telling myself "be the bigger person"
                              It might work.
                              Instead of being a toTAL BITCH AND GRUDGE HOLDER.
RussiaSunflower RussiaSunflower Dec 26, 2015
You are so right FrUs needs more love! Also if this gets like a lemon I will leave the story so I just wanted you to know so you know it's a good story but I just don't like dirty things. I really love this story!!!!
Otakuyaoilover Otakuyaoilover Dec 20, 2015
(I was squealing from feels and then shipping) I DIED in the beginning *squeals and rolls everywhere*