Same Old Love: Hetalia Frus Fanfic

Same Old Love: Hetalia Frus Fanfic

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Emiko🌹Sama By Emiko_Chanxoxo Completed

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Because of his past relationships, he was left with a cold heart and thought that love was only a nightmare. Of course, when he meets Francis, a writer in the same buisness as Alfred, he begins to see a new light....but will he finally get the romantic storybook ending he's wanted or suffer from his pasts shackles that will hold him back?

( This is a France x US story'on, there needs to be more.)

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I absolutely love Frank Sinatra is work is absolutely astounding!!
                              I once wished I could be like the man but I soon realized I had the voice of a seagull and stopped trying.
Theredeyedprussian Theredeyedprussian Aug 17, 2016
FrUs, the minor pairing that I ship the most☺☺☺☺Wait.. Would Francis be the Uke or the Seme
- - Oct 14, 2016
Sometimes I like to imagine Alfred and Arthur duetting to 'Cry Me a River'
slaphmehface slaphmehface Oct 09, 2016
Ya know Alfred, something that makes me feel better is telling myself "be the bigger person"
                              It might work.
                              Instead of being a toTAL BITCH AND GRUDGE HOLDER.
RussiaSunflower RussiaSunflower Dec 26, 2015
You are so right FrUs needs more love! Also if this gets like a lemon I will leave the story so I just wanted you to know so you know it's a good story but I just don't like dirty things. I really love this story!!!!
Otakuyaoilover Otakuyaoilover Dec 20, 2015
(I was squealing from feels and then shipping) I DIED in the beginning *squeals and rolls everywhere*