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Attack on Titan (Vampire Levi X Reader) [EDITING]

Attack on Titan (Vampire Levi X Reader) [EDITING]

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Vampire_Levi By Vampire_Levi Updated Apr 19

You know you're the main character, and Levi.
The other characters are in it. 
You are a new student at a high school. 
It's the middle of the school year, it's December. 
There two point of view the readers and Levi's. 
Both point of view are the same, it's just in different point of view. (Wow... Well that sounds confusing) here let me show you what I'm talking about. 
Well enjoy. 

--- Readers P.O.V ---
Today is the first day of school for me at least. I arrived in school, walked to class. If I find it. Then I bumped into a student. I fell down, and he was still standing up, looking down at me. His eyes are a beautiful gray, and his hair is dark black. I felt something on me, it was a cup of tea, it spilled on me...

--- Levi's POV ---
I arrived at school after a long day of hunting animals, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I bump into a student, I never seen her before, I guess she is new. I drop my teacup at her without knowing that I did it. She fell down, then looked up at me. She blushed a little, wasn't anything new. Mostly all females blushed when they see me, but I don't pay attention to them. This one is different, she's beautiful in her own way, I guess. She also reminds me of a man who worked at a tea shop, it was also my favorite place to go. That man was like a father to me, even though I don't know his name. I should have asked him before he died...

See, something, but different point of view. 

(I don't own Attack on Titan, the characters, the images, and the video, that belongs to the people who make it, but the story's idea are mine and OC's)

- Vampire_Levi

I'm cringing so much! It sounds like it was written by a five year old!
Her name is hanji zoe last name Zoe (*-*)n-nottobemeanoranything
RustyKitten RustyKitten Jun 01
So Levi has a office?
                              He is the gym teacher?
                              I thought he was in his senior year or something..!
                              OK, I DUNNO NOW!
Hanji should have been a student ^-^ Hanji is the perfect friend, not a teacher ^-^
Eggliette Eggliette Sep 30, 2016
Oh my. I thought Hanji said 'Take a sh*t!', instead of 'take a seat!'. 😂
im_not_Makayla im_not_Makayla Jul 29, 2016
Jean does not know his father cause he dies before jean was born and his mother did not want jean to know about his father cause apparently his father was a bad man