Stony One-Shots

Stony One-Shots

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Tuesday morning 11 a.m.

  "Phil? Where's Clint? And Tony?"
  "Clint's still asleep. I assume Tony is as well."
  "He's not. I checked before I came down. He promised Thor he'd play the Wii with him today, and he's getting restless."
  "I don't know Bruce. He couldn't have gone far, Steve's still here."

Just then Steve walked into the kitchen his jeans slung loosely on his hips.
  "Definitely didn't go too far."
  "Who didn't go too far?" 
  "No one Steve." 
  "Where's Tony?" 
  "Well isn't that the million dollar question?" 
  "So you haven't seen Tony either" 
  "No. Why?" 
  "It's just- well we had plans today. For an hour ago actually."
  "Aww were the love birds going out?"
  "Number one we aren't love birds, or lovers, or boyfriends. Unlike you and Clinton sir. Number two, no we weren't going out. He was going to teach me French."
  "So a study date."
  "Yes. A study date."
  "So you admit it was a date?"
  "Wait, no. Not a date. Just a uh a um tutoring ...

  • buckybarnes
A wild fangirl appeared and used flirt on Tony!
                              Tony: Steve Rogers, I chose you! Use possessive glare!
                              Wild fangirl fainted! Steve Rogers gained 10 exp. points!
                              I can totally see this happening...
rainyday2027 rainyday2027 May 30, 2016
the song ❤️ omg , that's really amazing 
                              i like your writing style btw (:
- - Aug 22, 2016
Im confuzzled. What age of ultron reference? (Sorry, i watched it once and my dad and i havent gotten to that part of our "Marvel Marathon"
XriftWho XriftWho Mar 23, 2016
OMG really? Thank you! The one-shot idea, maybe Bucky is flirting with Steve and Tony gets really jealous so he confronts Bucky. Thank you again! X
XriftWho XriftWho Mar 23, 2016
Don't know if it was intentional but Fools - Lauren Aquilina quotes! X
PhannicAtTheMilkFic PhannicAtTheMilkFic Jul 01, 2016
I just thought of a pickup line from this. Are you Pikachu? Cause I choose you! Crappy, I know, but eh. XD