Yandere! Twins x Reader

Yandere! Twins x Reader

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Kyoki Rivers By Okami_Takuyoshi Updated Feb 07

Okay, in all honesty, I was seriously inspired by another persons Yandere twins x Reader and wanted to try my hand at the writer's table. So this is the outcome. Feed back would be nice, so if you don't mind.... This was inspired by Pocokitty's and TheMonochromePuppet's stories. :3 I really look forward to the updates, btw. You forever shall be my inspiration.

You were walking home from school as usual, many people were avoiding you because of your punk-ish looks, but it was just your way of breaking stereotypes. In all honesty, you were the sweetest girl once people got to know you.
Anyway, what you didn't know was that two men in particular had taken quite the liking towards you despite your stereotype-breaking habbits, and you're about to find out. :)

May or may not contain Lemons. I'll leave that to the people to vote.

PixelEverlasting PixelEverlasting Dec 28, 2016
Lol! My face can't be saved by now 😂😂😂... why am I laughing????
amytdg amytdg Nov 19, 2016
Omi the midnight blue walls and car pit are Purfit because I'm the moon and so ye ^w^
goldbutterfly123 goldbutterfly123 Nov 19, 2016
"Yeah..goodnight brothers. Please don't do anything weird to me .."
slayourhoe slayourhoe Jan 03
The Reader-Chan chronicles: season 1: part 1: it all starts with a smile
amytdg amytdg Nov 19, 2016
I would kill my dad my self then ( not LITLERY irl because my irl dad is awsome)
slayourhoe slayourhoe Jan 03
They destroyed my face but later on you guys will be destroying my puśsy sooo.... :^