Crazed • Completed

Crazed • Completed

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Crazed: (verb)- wildly insane or excited.

He just wanted her to feel affection like he feels towards her, but she only wanted to run from fear. 

  The door flung open, only to see a sight I'll never forget. Bright blood dripped down the masked man's arm, as he drug a paintbrush through it, creating streaks on his skin. A large empty canvas sat in front of him, some of his blood smeared across it, going in different directions. I shut the door closed not wanting to see further, my heart painfully beating.

  "Damn it, mouse!" Run.
WARNING: This book contains explicit scenes, such as; use of violence, deranged thoughts, and scenes. If one is not comfortable with the following list, I do not recommend you to read. If you do read, please remember it's supposed to be a horror, and contain things like these. 

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niall....go chill in your box...Y DIDNT  U GIVE THE POOR  BIRD A CHONCE
louis-toplinson louis-toplinson Aug 06, 2016
Tag You're It by Melanie Martinez goes well with this story tbh
rhyan0724 rhyan0724 May 18, 2016
WELL SHIIIT was he playing and 'mouse' WITH HER AND WELL...CATS EATS MICE wait I'm sry I'm too hype rn.  😂😂
Now harry when i told u to shoot her i did not mean by gun i meant by your sperm cells
teganjar9 teganjar9 Oct 16, 2016
Kidnap the sandy clause from nightmare before Christmas is playing while I reading this oh gosh
When youre an artist and u ran out of paint but u want to create something so u gotta improvise