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Dragon Mating Season ✅

Dragon Mating Season ✅

169K Reads 5.3K Votes 21 Part Story
Ⓛ Ⓤ Ⓒ Ⓨ By lubylu111 Completed

Once every 10 years dragons have a mating season. It is a rare occasion that everyone celebrates, but the dragon slayers aren't in the festive mood.

[NaLu] Natsu X Lucy
[GaLe] Gajeel X Levy
[MiraXus] Mira X Laxus
[RoWen] Romeo X Wendy
[StingYu] Sting X Yukino
[KaguRo] Kagura X Rogue

¡!LEMONS!¡ NaLu and GaLe only. All lemons are pointed out in the book and can be skipped.

All characters belong to Hiro Mashima.

Started: 9th November 2015
Finished: 25th January 2016

Hot_Pocket_ Hot_Pocket_ Mar 14
Plot twist he wants to push her off the cliff! 😂 sorry i had to
harvestrose harvestrose Apr 01
ok, if Natsu's 20 that means he mated when he was 10... AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS THAT!!!
harvestrose harvestrose Apr 02
no matter what book it is lucy always smells like strawberries and vanilla!
Hot_Pocket_ Hot_Pocket_ Mar 14
If he doesnt try anything he'll be dead meat right Nalu fangirls?
Wendy, if you were on your period, you would know right away
mialani14 mialani14 Feb 27
Natsu was a great friend- wait he's not dead yet? Erza must be in a good mood.