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Sabriel Stories

Sabriel Stories

17.8K Reads 745 Votes 12 Part Story
SabrielSalute By WaywardSupernatural Updated Sep 20, 2016

This book is a collection of Sabriel [ Sam x Gabriel ] stories and mainly Sabriel, there might be a few other ships such as Destiel or Samifer mentioned but not a whole book on it.

Lilith_rey Lilith_rey Apr 11
Meanwhile Dean brakes away from his steamy kiss with Cas and yells " HA! GAAAAAAAAAYAYAYYYYYYAYYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Baxatax Baxatax May 11
Gabe: no it involves toys
                              Sam: go on 
                              *19 minutes later*
                              Sam: I didn't think you meant actual dol-
                              Gabe: SHHHHHHHH action figures
Baxatax Baxatax May 11
Dean: Haahhahahhha dweebs
                              Cas: You can't even step on a plane without hyperventilating 
                              Dean: And you can't talk to a stripper without freaking out mentioning their abandoning father
                              Cas: Touché
Gabe, dear.... you're a fricking ARCHANGEL!! One of the most powerful beings in the entire universe. If you really wanted to, you could easily snap Sam out of existence without a second thought. Or ya know.... you can just poof away or make him slow dance with aliens cus why not
Gabe... You could just snap him into a box. Or just poof away! No one is gonna die
CherubHugs13 CherubHugs13 Nov 22, 2016
I'm Gabriel. I don't like swimming and can't swim very well. Then summers are like,
                              Me: I'm staying in the shallow end.
                              My Friends: Oh no your not! *grabs my waist and carries me over to deep end*
                              ME: *scream* MURDER!!!
                              Friend: *laughs* It's ok. 
                              Me: *cries* *gets over it*