Childhood Crush

Childhood Crush

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(WARNING: this is the first ever story i wrote on wattpad years ago so it's pretty rough in my opinion. read at your own discretion. )

You know when you have a ridiculous crush on somebody super famous because you were just a kid, but you knew it would never happen? Well, with Macey and Adrian, it's different.

Years of being joined by the hip and forming a friendship like no other, it's no surprise when more intimate feelings grow between the two. However, when Adrian decides to go after his dreams of becoming an actor and hops onto a plane to Los Angeles, Macey knows without a doubt that nothing would ever happen between them.

Four years later, Adrian Chapmen is a successful actor and sensational heartthrob that has girls across the nation falling for his charms. His childhood dream has became a reality, and there's nothing like living the glamour life in LA. Macey Daniels remained her normal, average self back in Miami.

Of course, Macey and Adrian grew apart with the lack of contact, and their old feelings for each other fade away as well. But, what happens when the famous Adrian returns home to complete his last year of high school with a goal to feel a sense of normalcy like he did all those years ago, and ends up falling for his childhood crush all over again? 

Will Macey accept what comes with dating a star, or will Adrian's career forbid them to just friends? That is, if his career let's them be together at all.

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YerpItsAsh YerpItsAsh Mar 12
If only Macy's name started with a C then they would be Amber Brynn (Macy's C name) Dylan
Um just because a girl is in tight shorts and low tops doesn’t mean shít. Unless u see them sleeping with a guy every day then u have no right to call them a slut. For God’s sake it’s hot out.
Omg u ppl.he wasn't always Nate Archibald, isn't his name Chace Crawford?
memesadilla memesadilla Mar 15