Finally ; Harry Potter [1]

Finally ; Harry Potter [1]

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the golden trio By Dan_Is_Not_On_Fire_7 Completed

In which a shy, unnoticed Gryffindor befriends the golden trio. Together, finding out the true secrets of the supposedly murderous, Sirius Black...

{Book one}
{Prisoner of Azkaban}
{Harry Potter Love Story}

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cant0think cant0think Jun 22
He's not a murderer but he might be just the biggest drama queen EVER
                                (Smarter way of things)
                               Sirius: we are here to kill the rat!
                                Sirius: only one will die tonight!
You mean Voldemort... right? Cuz Sirius Orion Padfoot Drama Queen Black is innocent
HCRoar HCRoar Apr 12
Nope not at all 
                              well if you don't count the fact that they are the main characters then they have hope
-Starke -Starke Jun 06
You mean Voldemort, right? But, then again, Voldemort wasn't alive.
ohkaysalvatore ohkaysalvatore 5 days ago
You know what's weird, I read these fanfics with 3rd year and 4th year golden trio and get so into the ships... then I realize that I'm one-two years older than the characters...
All Sirius wants to do is get revenge on the toe rag that very ell murdered his friends and put him in Azkaban for twelve years! He has done his waiting god dammit!