Magic, tears and blood (Harry Potter X Reader)

Magic, tears and blood (Harry Potter X Reader)

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16-year old (Y/n) (L/n) comes from pureblood family. She is a very skillfull young witch, who was accepted to Hogwarts as a transformation student for one year. 

She thought that this year would be normal. She thought that she will get only friends. She thought that there wouldn't be anything witch could turn her life upside down.

But she was wrong.

This fanfiction doesn't follow the original storyline of Harry Potter. This story is placed in year six. This story won't be perfect, because this is my first story I've ever written. Please be patient with the updates. Keep those things in your mind and enjoy reading!

All original Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

Warning: Includes strongly violent scenes.

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MsKnowItAll2 MsKnowItAll2 Dec 10, 2017
Wait...if it's supposed to be the reader why is it in first person? Shouldn't it be in second person?
CaliPpgMlp CaliPpgMlp May 04
Instead of a knife am i allowed to have a.......nothing i will torture people woth the weapons i create and my hands
Well, as I'm English and this is the English school, guess I'm from Beauxbatons.
Slytherin_Min_Genius Slytherin_Min_Genius Nov 28, 2017
There no pont cause i am from the Uk and harry potter is 'kinda set' in the Uk
FluffyShuu FluffyShuu Nov 26, 2017
When I read the title of the book I thought of 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears' from BTS and I was like....
                              I listen to BTS way too much...
Wait...... Your saying I'm Jeff the killer???? A female version??? Where's my knife though?? 
                              Ah!!! There it is!
                              GO TO SLEEP!