In Love With My Indian Secretary

In Love With My Indian Secretary

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sakinataaj By sakinataaj Updated Apr 26, 2017

Meet Kevin Baxter , ceo of Baxter naturally he is a billionaire that makes him arrogant too.On top of that girls swoon at his Greek god looks.Every women wants him for his looks and money. He is a womaniser uses women left and right for his pleasure.
Life is good as usual for him until pari waltz into his life. 

Meet pari (angel) , an Indian girl who came to America to achieve something in her life. She is kind, caring and polite mostly. She first smiles at you but if you mess with this spicy beauty then you are in for a war. She is a determined person.she does anything to help people.  

So what happens when these meet? ???

  • assistant
  • ceo
  • confusing
  • indian-american
  • pari
mojodemonscotch mojodemonscotch Jul 19, 2017
The book had a good start and seems really interesting...but it goes a bit too much into details,just to emphasize the Indian aspect of the story.. especially the initial chapter that describes the leads dressing and make could me less detailed
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jun 14, 2016
Baxter you looked shock tohear a beautiful voice then you look up to see a beautiful face to go along with the say something baxter don't just sit there and stare at her like she's the only beautiful hirl that you have seen in your miserable life dude.
anyworth anyworth Jun 18, 2016
Simple is not a compliment...*stamping my foot*she is beautiful,mind blowing or mind boggling.
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jun 15, 2016
I see that kevin is please to the eye for uou pari girl why are you ogling your boss now girl and he still haven't looked up to she you but you will be shocked to see that handsome face of his.
sweetankita111 sweetankita111 Jun 30, 2016
Really the lovestory is going on great... I simply loved ittt.. I would request if u further update the storyyy... Plzzz😊
Aridia Aridia Jan 03, 2016
Great chapter!!!! Also loved the video I've found it relaxing to both watch and listen to.