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Alpha Prince Charming

Alpha Prince Charming

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A n n i e By annieexo_ Completed

❝Hello my piccolo compagno.❞ He murmured into my ear while biting my earlobe and then kissing my beet red cheek.  

             ❝I-I'm sorry what? I can't be. I'm only human.❞ I gasped when I felt his arms wrap tightly and firmly around my petite waist. 

Nineteen year old Ana Bennett moved into a werewolf infected town, unaware with the fact that it's ruled by a powerful Alpha King, let alone it being a town full of wolves. But her family has been invited by the Alpha King himself to an annual masquerade ball  that is always held by the royal werewolf family. 

Twenty Five year old Greyson Black is the Alpha King's son. And he's been craving for his mate ever since he was eighteen years old. He wants a mate to become his Luna Queen and rule the werewolf kingdom with him.  But him being mate less has made him cruel. He kills any rogue on sight. He doesn't care if it's a male, female, or a pup. When they cross him they die. 

But what happens when the Charming Alpha Prince happens to be her mate? The same mate that this masquerade was held for? Will Ana witness her true destiny? And can she handle the fate that she has with this stunning prince?

Uuuugggghhhhh!!! This is soooooo frustrating and stressful!!! WHAT DOES THE COUNTDOWN MEAN!!???!
I don't really understand what this count down is for I mean we do understand that this was another day or something. I think it's just really unnecessary... 😕
Said no dad ever my dad wouldn't even have offered me money 😂
Oml I love greys anatomy. I legit cried when shepherd died lmao
PuppyGina PuppyGina Jun 15
Wolves don't really eat people their territorial so they attack people on their territory.
I think this is the countdown for that upcoming ball??!!!... 😋😋