The Confessor [bxb]

The Confessor [bxb]

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Kyle By iThreat Updated Sep 24, 2016


I didn't really mean for it to happen. 

It started out as just a curiosity thing, to see if it would pick up any traction. Only a couple people knew about it to start, and they usually just sent in rants about other students or teachers, and I posted them. It didn't take me long to feel guilty and establish the "no name dropping rule".

It was kind of like the Burn Book out of Mean Girls, you know? Except it was an updated version in the internet age called CUniversity Confessions Page and I could do it all anonymously. Other students sent me what they wanted to post through a third-party website to make it anonymous, and I copy and pasted it as the page administrator. It was this tiny little spec on Facebook for a year with only a few hundred or so people involved. 

Then somewhere in that time more people must have started talking about it, because then almost every student in the school had started following the page. Even some teachers, probably under the claim to see what the students were saying, but who knew-maybe they were sending me some rants too. 

If anything, I really should have learned from the movie.

Of course this started causing problems.

Is this book finished? Just wondering cause it doesn't say completed and I don't wanna get into something last updated last year never to be updated again lmao
Susurrations Susurrations Sep 10, 2016
And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me, xoxo, Gossip Girl - totally got these vibes gurl 😘
Tobicias Tobicias Dec 08, 2015
♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)(★o★)❤❤❤ looking forward to reading more💜
BigBootyRudy BigBootyRudy Nov 22, 2015
You know our school made this type of thing on facebook. Didn't last long, don't think the principal appreciated the photoshopped photos of him hahaha