Territory | H2OVanoss

Territory | H2OVanoss

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Lit. By InsaneYush Updated Aug 18, 2016

Just a basic Teenage boy who has two tall as friends and a normal life (besides his mom dying but that's something else).

Did I mention the gay? No? Well there is very much gay in this story and I can't descriptions so yeah, basically this was written because I wanted to test the ever so popular 'supernatural' styled book.

I guess enjoy? Yeah. Okay :4 

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Omg I love salt and vinegar chips but one time I lost my appetite when my friend start making sexual noise's in the bus because I didn't wanna give her any BUT I STILL ATE IT ANYWAY SO JOKES ON HER!!
I didn't know he liked Metallica that's one of my mom's favorite bands
Why always metallica? Why not P!ATD?
                              Dont threaten me with a good time
                              House of memories
                              Golden days
Eat those potatoe chips real good Evan mmmmm (this is what me and my friends do every single lunch make weird sexual jokes or moaning about something it's really funny)
omg salt n vinegar are my favorites I always get them 😆😆
I'm in live with Metallica. I'm learning their songs on guitar right now lol