To Make You Beg For My Forgiveness (TMY #2) [Teen Top Fanfiction]

To Make You Beg For My Forgiveness (TMY #2) [Teen Top Fanfiction]

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RChampagne By FantasticYeoja Updated Jul 12, 2016

[TMY Series #2]

Kim Hana is a simple girl who has a crush on Lee Byunghun since they were kids. She knows everything about him and that, she thinks, is her edge amongst all his fan girls. It’s college when she finally had the guts to tell him her true feelings. She thought it was going well when Byunghun has finally started to notice her existence but she was wrong. There was something about every notice, about every glance, about every eye contact that is pending to break her heart into pieces.

Lee Byunghun is a hot handsome rich boy with hoard of harems willing to give him everything. Being the ace player of the school’s baseball team, he’s renowned to be one of the most popular persons in the campus. Everything was going well until Kim Hana, his childhood acquaintance, confessed that she likes him since they were in middle school. Since then, he has been entertained at how much she’s deeply in love with her. Hurting her in the end, how would he act when he finally realized that he has fallen for her? 

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leehi- leehi- Nov 12, 2015
Which is this the sequel to? Can anyone tell me the name of the first book?
kimtaehyungsister kimtaehyungsister Nov 11, 2015
omg I love how this girl is happ! I actually passed out after thinking about my crush. He rejected me and like I was heart broken.
baeked_ baeked_ Nov 11, 2015
Before the next chapter came up....which group that Lee byunghun comes from??