The Bad boy's effect

The Bad boy's effect

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Ethan BRADBERRY By Breesworld Updated Nov 16

Sometimes life has a funny way of catching you off guard. Call it fate, chance, a strawberry blonde, it doesn't matter. All that matters was the outcome. The fate of unexpectedly running into the one person who changes your life...for the better. 


He was confident whether intentionally flaunting it or not. 

He wasn't fazed by consequences and didn't care what people thought. 

He truly lived life in the moment. 

Careless was the right way to describe him.


He wasn't all that careless.


Sure, other people only saw the guy who was rumoured to be the "bad boy" of the school, tainted by a reputation of trouble. 
The guy smugly walking out of the janitors closet while a random girl remained, adjusting her clothing, lipstick and hair. 
The guy who never backed down from a physical fight. 

Be that as it may, Arya wasn't just another person. She wasn't just a random girl nor someone trying to punch on him with him. She was the awkward soul who got to see the side the people closest to him saw....a side that invited you stay for good. 

He was none other than Blade Auditore. The trouble maker making trouble with his three best mates. The guy girls were fawning over, calling dibs and pulling their tops down for him to at least notice them. The guy other guys secretly admired. 

Most importantly...the guy who took notice of one and only one...Arya Smith. The mouthy good girl with a strong backbone and a permanent case of eye rolling.

Complications were soon to be met for the two opposites...but no one would think love would be one of them. Especially Arya. 
Perhaps while hanging with the school bad boy and his friends might sound frightful, the scariest of it all for Arya, was falling in love, and maybe, just maybe, the effect he will have on her and her life has nothing to do with behaviour or actions...but feelings and emotions. 
He certainly will have an effect on her life, but a good one.

YODA??)?? Oh yeah Star Wars!!!!!! This crazy jasmine bitch likes Star Wars, that's something good bout her 😂 and Bonnie reminds me off my friend 😂
Dayanasaur Dayanasaur Feb 08
Woah! You've created a story and I'm so excited to read it. I love the title. I'm a sucker for bad boy stories. 😍😍
I'm excited to read 😻😻 oh and u MEAN traits of an extremely hot guy?? This gon be good  😉😩🙌👌😂