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CurseOfCurves By CurseOfCurves Updated Jun 12, 2012

Five teenagers in a small town in North Dakota all suffer from a Severe case of Insomnia. They all claim to have horrific dreams every time they attempt to find some sleep. All five of these teenagers have bruises and cuts, all over their bodies, that they have claimed to have gotten from the man in their dreams. Can you imagine not being able to tell the difference between reality and a nightmare? Can you imagine being so terror stricken that you are scared to go to bed at night? No one in the town knew how deadly dreams could actually be, until those five kids started to struggle with the disease known as Insomnia.

SarcasmIsMe14 SarcasmIsMe14 Aug 03, 2016
KataChu KataChu Jun 11, 2014
Thanks for a description, writing a book along the lines of this one.
LumosSilver LumosSilver Jan 08, 2012
I love it already. You missed a full stop at the end of paragraph two. Suit* not suite and the first sentence of paragraph 5 (i think) should say 'without sleeping MORE than two hours' not 'without sleeping LESS than two hours.' The wording there is a little awkward. Other than that its really good!
AnnaKSnow AnnaKSnow Sep 07, 2011
This was filled with amazing description and information we needed to get. There for, I give it a A+ because I love how it's done. Too many times does someone come up with an amazing storyline, (like this one) and not give us the information we need to follow it. Great job!
ShaneChowdery ShaneChowdery Sep 06, 2011
This sounds eerie and chilling with descriptions of pure is extremely well written and develops a story of which I must unravel.
WhoAteMyCookie WhoAteMyCookie Sep 05, 2011
Whoa I liked how you started it(: Interesting beginning haha.