Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess

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Stacey By candiesssss Updated Oct 22, 2016

Katherine Lavena is the Moon Goddess's daughter. She's been stuck on the moon playing matchmaker ever since the day she was born.

She would watch mates from above meet each other with lustful eyes. And she wanted that.

The next thing she did wasn't a wise choice... But it's too late now.

She matched herself with a cold-hearted Alpha and she regretted it, but soon that changed.

Katherine felt everything a mate would feel for another mate. She felt as if she was in the footsteps of the people she's watched on from above, but it wasn't as easy as she thought.

A cold-hearted Alpha meant arrogance and having to suffer the "cold shoulder".

Although, she found courage in herself to do what a mate can.


"You trespassed my land rogue, for that you shall be punished," he sneered from behind me.

I had masked my scent and clenched my jaw, not wanting to lash out at him. I turned around facing his green emerald eyes

"I didn't know this was your land, Alpha," I replied, slightly bowing my head even if one flick of my finger could destroy him. My identity was important and I didn't want him to respect me just because of it. I pursed my lips and looked at him.

The next thing I know? I feel pain on the back of my head and I black out.

Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Sep 17, 2016
I love the way you are writing this book and keep up with the good work 😀 😀
NorieTarvis NorieTarvis Jan 05
this is such a unique werewolf story!! i can't wait to read it!! *squeals* XD
TheoriginalsJoker TheoriginalsJoker Jan 04, 2016
PayLessPlayLess PayLessPlayLess Dec 31, 2015
Blood moon..I know It from somewhere oh yes from every fuckin werewolf Book i read !?