The Gang Leader ( Andy Biersack )

The Gang Leader ( Andy Biersack )

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Where a dangerous gang leader falls for an innocent girl. 

•Fiction Awards 2016 finalist•

*This is my story. All of this was my idea. Please do not steal my work, or anyone else's work, it's copyright*

WARNING: this story contains mature content. Read at own risk.

- - Jun 23, 2016
I see Andy Beirsack in a title while listening to homecoming king it's the  best
XChedzz XChedzz Feb 21, 2016
So I'm casually reading my book, blaming society, my laziness, listening to Sam Smith and then I see the words 'Andy Beirsack' and my heart tightens reminding me of that wonderful, beautiful and talented man. So thank you. For putting Andy Beirsack in the title. It literally warmed my heart.
Alanah_Zoldyck Alanah_Zoldyck Feb 12, 2016
I can already tell I'm gonna adore this book just by the way it started...Can't wait to keep reading 😁😊😆
Karen____Reyes Karen____Reyes Sep 17, 2016
Be careful of what you wish for 
                              Why don't people ever listen
MysterySoulStealer MysterySoulStealer Jul 09, 2016
I want more cats ._. I don't see what's wrong with having 50 cats, though
Derise0617 Derise0617 Jan 18, 2016
Tru dat. Cause everything can go from calm and nice to dangerous and hectic.