A Scarlett Ruin

A Scarlett Ruin

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Kelsey By chooseitwisely Updated Apr 09, 2017

The Annandale Academy wasn't where Scarlett saw herself finishing her last year of school before university. 

One more year. It was only one more year. 

Yet the dreary countryside and cramped dorm rooms that smelt of faded cigarette smoke and wet stone were only fitting for the grey pall that had descended along with her previous expulsion. Once again she's surrounded by the silver spooned, but the children of the tight knit London elite are a far cry from those she was raised with. 

It's only fitting that there, amidst the hedonism and greed and blurring morals, that she meets Julian Chase. Iridescent with an edge of darkness to combat the burning brightness in equal parts, forever walking a thin line between self-destruction and cruelty. 

Scarlett sinks into their midst, woefully unprepared for the complicated lives she becomes entangled within. Every breath weighed, secrets and scandals whispered, and lies spilling as easily as they're made. 

And suddenly nothing is easy anymore.

delaney_18 delaney_18 Dec 04, 2015
I'm so excited for this story.. I was wondering if it will include music?
KhattyPurry KhattyPurry Dec 04, 2015
For romance story, this sure is deep for a first chapter. 
                              I could feel sadness lingering in the corner
somerhaldervamp16 somerhaldervamp16 Nov 29, 2015
This one seems really interesting with its dark tones.. Can't wait for the first chapter!