MAVI: The Beauty and The Bass

MAVI: The Beauty and The Bass

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Autumn By MitchSivan Updated Dec 04

POV: Mitch

"Hey Mitch we got rehearsal today." Scott said as he entered my room

"I don't wanna. I'm too tired." I said laying back on my bed

"We have to go, like now. Do you want me to carry you there?" Scott asked

"Yes please." I begged him

"Alright." He said and picked me up bridal style and I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my head on his shoulder.

He carried me all the way to the living room and was proceeding to carry me to his car but Alex gave off a jealous look so he put me down.

"Aww now I have to walk." I wined not wanting to go but I did.

Scott drove to where we were meeting, Kirstie and Jeremy's house, and I didn't take too long to get there.

"Mitchie!" Avi said from across the room. "You're here!"

We were rehearsing our original songs from our album for the upcoming tour. The rehearsals were irregular thing at the moment since tour wasn't anytime soon.

"Avi!" I called back at him. "Why are you so excited?"

"Because I love hearing your angelic voice." He...

I saw a MAVI reading list. I saw this. I love this story already
I just imagined Kevin saying that. 
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