Open up to you (Lalu)

Open up to you (Lalu)

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Fairylover1434 By Karly1434 Updated Jan 27

Lucy is in love with Laxus but she's afraid of him rejecting her.
Laxus is in love with Lucy but he's afraid that stain of his past will never give him a chance on being with her.

They are pared up for a mission and for the first time Laxus opens up to her and finally can relax around her. Lucy notice de that and makes her fall for him even more.

Through out the mission everything is going smoothly until they are discovered by the enemy. They try to run away but Lucy is captured by the enemy. Laxus those everything in his power to get her back. Lucy knowing the power the enemy posses  those the unbelievable to saves him, but will she survive? Will they be able to confess their love for each other? Is the love that Layla once spoke about is stronger than anything? 

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy tail and the images here are from google.

Ggggooooddddd I may be a nalu fan but this to much lalu!!!!! Its like noticr me senpai on anime's fav fairy tail and its too cute😻😻😻😻😘😘😘😚😚😚😚
Lol auto correct champion right here! Which is Fairylucynamipiece
Lol says the one that slapped Lucy's butt in that one chapter if the anime 😂😅
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It should be "attacking Fiore, city by city" or it could be "attacking Fiore by one city at a time" if you want
Hahaha and then it's gonna be me saying “Notice me Senpai” 😂✌