Stop It, J

Stop It, J

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Gorillaz and Batman By immurdocniccals Completed

Harleen Quinzel was settled in her dumpy apartment in northern Gotham,
the job she had had a steady income, until she's assigned a patient she doesn't know if she can handle.

Because she's in love with him. Or is it him in love with her?

-Cover Designed By LukasAnime-

NiallersPrincesssxx NiallersPrincesssxx Sep 03, 2016
This is just weird wouldn't they need to confirm it and im sure the guards are uncomfortable with that😂😂
Krazykittenrules Krazykittenrules Aug 29, 2016
Ummm, I've only known you for about thirty seconds I'm not in the position to do that sorry.
SuicideSquad213 SuicideSquad213 Sep 20, 2016
-peaks into boxers- girl?? I might need you to take them ALLL the way off
Mizzana_chan Mizzana_chan Aug 26, 2016
Omg assumed male! Okay people lets assume he is male okay? Alright XD
anna__quinn anna__quinn Aug 28, 2016
Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that's funny 😂
Krazykittenrules Krazykittenrules Aug 29, 2016
Wow, let's just hope that he's a guy, otherwise a lot of questions would need to be answered.