Apathetic [Jasper Hale]

Apathetic [Jasper Hale]

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"We were both created in chaos, we were both born to destroy. You were like death, and I was like war. And when we collided, darling, I loved you."
There was never the time or place in Kira Hewitt's life for her to particularly care for anyone aside from her parents. Ever since she could remember, the little family of three moved from place to place. Her father was always changing states because he was some high official government officer. It had always been cities, though, so Kira couldn't even begin to fathom why she was getting shipped off to some rainy town in Washington with the same name as a kitchen utensil. 
"To think that I hate you is highly arrogant, considering that in order to hate you I would actually have to care about you."



-smiles at the stereotypes- -looks at comments- 
                              People get triggered so easily oml
I really don't like the stereotypes but I hear the story is good so I'll just ignore it.
Rosette1206 Rosette1206 7 days ago
I support the General Lee in the Dukes of Hazzard and you know what I love the Confederate flag but I am not a racist I do not believe that slaves should be around so everyone can back the F off of me
The total population of the town is right about how many students we are at my school
waxxter waxxter Aug 09
Have you even been to Houston?? People here talk fast as hell
well honestly, people who own a confederate flag aren't automatically racist.