Different - Diabolik Lovers X Reader

Different - Diabolik Lovers X Reader

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You, (y/n) (l/n), have always been family to the Sakamaki brothers when you were all kids together. Then, after all tears are shed and all the screams have died out, you enter their lives again, but as expected, there's a catch.

You have no memory of them, whatsoever. 

Now, you, a now seemingly emotionless girl, are at their doorstep with a last-minute written letter from yourself before the memory loss, asking for help.

While the current you rejects the idea of remembering and becoming their family, the Sakamaki's are determined to get you to be like yourself again. Both individually, and together.

(Regular updates are on Sundays)
(Special Ch.'s are whenever)

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W-What?!! I thought that the girl from the start was Y/N?!! So is the girl Yui?!! (Uhh!!! I hate Yui so much!!!)
mei_rin_ mei_rin_ Jun 01
i'm going to use this as an excuse one day when my alarm clock is missing and i actually threw it out the window-
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Yeah I get you, it's literally 5:18 in the morning right now since MY passion woke ME
Anonymous? Yeah right we all know its either Ayato or Laito.
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ahhh no wonder i never wake up for school 😲 cuz i have no passion damn i knew it
What alarm clock? Psshhhh
                              Oh...OHHH U MEAN READING WATTPAD YEAAHHHH AGREED😂😂