No Strings Attached (Deanlena AU)

No Strings Attached (Deanlena AU)

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Dean and Elena By spnjackles Updated Aug 27

There were only five rules for Dean and Elena's relationship. 

One: No judgement.

Two: Honesty

Three: Don't get caught.

Four: Meet regularly. 

Five: No strings attached.

But rules were made to be broken.

Deanlena AU

bitcherine bitcherine Jul 02
Elena, i understand you're a bit confuzzled puzzled BUT I WILL HIT U
petrova_fire1473 petrova_fire1473 Dec 19, 2015
I LOVED this like a lot lol amazing you're such a good writer seriously so good and descriptive
tammykay715 tammykay715 Nov 10, 2015
I love you!!! Amazing start to an amazing story I'm positive. "He regrets letting her go" So damn sweet already. I know we have to still deal with Damon and Lisa, but it's a Deanlena fic and that makes me a happy girl lol xoxo!!!!
IBrokeBad IBrokeBad Nov 10, 2015
You are SUCH a fantastic writer, like I can't say it enough! Really looking forward to the rest of this fic !!!!
IBrokeBad IBrokeBad Nov 10, 2015
You always do such a good job of creating their connection and its sooo beautiful I love it.
IBrokeBad IBrokeBad Nov 10, 2015
In every single one of your stories you give Dean such a great entrance because I always get SO EXCITED