How We Found Us | ✔️

How We Found Us | ✔️

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Queen of the Gummy Bears By Prisim Completed

Chloe knows life isn't perfect, but does it have to be a big pile of suck? 
      College is supposed to be a time of self discovery. A time where she figures her life out and enters adulthood armed for the world. For Chloe, college is a toxic relationship, loss, and confusion. As her world crumbles around her, one bright light promises to get her through it. She clings to him like a life raft, but she isn't sure she deserves the one person who might just be the love of her life.
      Chloe isn't as abnormal as she thinks and if she can survive the suck, she'll come out a champion.


This story was posted to Wattpad and only Wattpad. If you're seeing this note and you're not reading it on was stolen. So please get your butt over to Wattpad and read it by the actual author, Prisim, and not the thief who couldn't be bother to even delete this message let alone write their own unique story.

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lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Feb 26, 2016
Gave you a star just for the media. Father from hell or what. You write a LOT! Which is not a bad thing to do. From writing comes practice. Or something like that.
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Feb 26, 2016
NA. Not sure if this really is a new category. So what. As long as it works. I have mine in NA. 50% of my readers are younger than 18. Does it matter?
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Feb 26, 2016
The approach is perfectly ok. WP is a training camp. One should use it the way that works best. I would NEVER air my first drafts in public. Too embarassing. Well, that's me. Respect you for doing it.
-flights- -flights- Dec 30, 2015
i like the idea of this book because i feel like since it is over the course of four years you really get to see the character grow, well atleast I hope.
GeorgeCloudJr GeorgeCloudJr Dec 14, 2015
I'm here I'm here!!! I didn't abandon you! And now onwards........