Book of Shadows [PREVIEW!!!]

Book of Shadows [PREVIEW!!!]

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P.J. Fox By pjfoxwrites Completed

This is a PREVIEW!  The complete book, along with its two sequels, is available for sale on Amazon.

High school senior Sepha Jones knows that vampires don't exist.

That is, until the night she's dumped by her manipulative piece of shit boyfriend.  Literally and figuratively, broken-hearted and stranded in the middle of a monsoon.  And is rescued by her mysterious neighbor, a man she's never spoken to before this night.  One who's never seen in daylight hours and about whom rumors abound.  Strange rumors.  Bad rumors.  Even as she finds herself drawn to him, and into his web of intrigues, she has to wonder: who-and what-he really is.  

And whether, in allowing him into her life, she's made the greatest mistake of it so far.

High rank: 1 in Vampire

NobleWrites NobleWrites Nov 14, 2016
Read black umbrella, trench coat, and gloves. He sounds British. Dammit, looks like I'll be addicted to another book again..
fratnut fratnut Dec 13, 2016
now why did i think this was an actual book of shadows from 'vampires' ?? if that makes any sense.
Space_Angel03 Space_Angel03 Nov 27, 2016
I am quite impressed and amazed... The first chapter is supposed to grab your attention and most authors fail at that, but not you. I loved it and cant wait to read more of your work! =) (=
autumnfilly autumnfilly Feb 02
Love love love this book! I read this entire book before it was pulblished (so when you had the full book on here) and I was so obsessed but I lost my account and just found the book again!!
0riginalEscap3r 0riginalEscap3r Nov 27, 2016
I'm laughing so much because I have a cold I'm here snuffing and I read this XD #dyingrhinocerosfeels
kailav12 kailav12 Nov 28, 2016
Stop I'm from Beverly ma which is a solid 5 minutes from whenam